Playing With Food: Hello Tomato

Unfold your colourful garden, and make the plants grow. Create the most beautiful, fun and incredible paper food! This garden will provide many surprises. You could grow a pink eggplant, a green cherry or a blue lemon. Why not? Arrange and rearrange the die cut cards on the coloured pages. You have 25 recognisable fruits…

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Hot Rock

In act two of the collectible publishing project, which brought us In the Moon, French illustrator Fanette Mellier has teamed up with Editions du Livre once again to bring us her visual homage to the sun, Au Soleil. Words by Angharad Lewis on Grafik, 2 November 2015.

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Story time

Paris-based publisher Editions du Livre specialises in books that explore the tactile and physical properties of the book. Its two latest projects are collaborations with designers and, though aimed at kids, these are books that grown-ups will be tempted to keep for their own bookshelves. Article d’Angharad Lewis paru sur Grafik le 23 Juillet 2015

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